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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Divorce Rates Decline in New York City

Why are fewer New Yorkers getting divorced?

Divorce filings are down eight percent in New York City, according to court records.  Divorce filings within the five boroughs dropped from 27,756 in 2015 to 25,616 last year.  Manhattan had the most divorces, with 11,274, followed by the Bronx at 4,667.  All boroughs except the Bronx experienced fewer divorce filings.  While the rate of divorce in New York remains on par with the national average, it does appear fewer NYC couples are heading to divorce court.  Our Nassau County divorce attorneys at the law firm of Howard B. Leff, P.C. explore some of the potential reasons for declining divorce rates in the City below.

Improving Economy

Finances are said to be the leading cause of stress in a relationship.  As the economy declines, more couples experience financial stress and, in turn, disagreements.  The number of divorces increases in times of economic turmoil and tends to decline when the economy improves.

Since the major economic downturn of 2007-2009, our economy has recovered significantly.  Job growth is up, while the unemployment rate has fallen.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average has continued to climb, hitting an all-time high in November.  Most New Yorkers are in a better place financially today than they were in 2015.  This tends to translate to fewer financial arguments and higher rates of marital happiness.

Divorcing Outside the City

Another reason poised for the decline in New York City divorces is the possibility that some couples are electing to divorce upstate, rather than within the city.  New York City divorces have a reputation for being complex and messy.  While this is far from the case for the majority of divorces, negative perceptions may lead some couples to believe they could divorce faster in a different county.  

While the decline in the divorce rate locally is good news for the area, couples stuck in troubled marriages should remember that sometimes divorce is your best answer.  Divorce is difficult, but staying in an unhappy union is more harmful in the long run.  Contact Howard B. Leff, P.C. for compassionate and knowledgeable representation for your divorce or other family law matter.

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