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For over 35 years, Family Law Attorney Howard B. Leff has provided aggressive representation and sound legal counsel to individuals and families in the New York Metropolitan area. He litigates on behalf of his clients in a wide array of matrimonial cases in areas such as equitable distribution, child custody, child and spousal support. Helping individuals through divorce for more than four decades, Howard B. Leff understands that the decision to dissolve a marriage is never an easy one and the process of ending the union can be complex.  Generally speaking, when faced with a divorce, there may be a number of financial issues to be concerned about.  If children resulted from the marriage, child support payments are usually a serious consideration.  If one spouse is unable to financially support him or herself, the issue of maintenance may be present. 

Child Support

Child support is the financial assistance parents are obligated to provide to their children until they reach a certain age.  When the parents are no longer together, the non-custodial parent has a duty to pay the custodial parent child support.  This can be in the form of cash, the payment for medical insurance or even for child care.  Child support is calculated using a rigid formula provided by New York State Law and is based on the income of each spouse.  In order to asses each parent’s respective financial situation, both are required to provide the court with a Statement of Net Worth.  The Family Court usually determines the amount of child support one spouse is responsible for, although the New York State Supreme Courts can make this determination if it is part of a larger matrimonial action.  It is in the parties best interests to secure the representation of counsel in the initial proceedings.

These cases are not always cut and dry.  If there are arguable issues in the initial proceedings or the case needs to be litigated in order to modify or enforce a child support order, it is imperative to secure the representation of a seasoned matrimonial litigator, such as Howard B. Leff.

Spousal Support

Spousal support (also referred to spousal maintenance) is the financial assistance provided to one spouse (or former spouse) by the other.  Spousal support can be permanent or temporary in nature.  The amount of support can be determined prior to a divorce in a pre- or post- nuptial agreement, or agreed to by both parties at the time of divorce.  If spouses disagree about support issues, they can petition the court to intervene and make the ultimate determination.  In awarding temporary maintenance or permanent spousal support, the courts can look at factors such as the duration of the marriage and the age and health of the spouses.  They can also look at the income and assets of each party, as well as the earning potential of both parties, including any factors that affect the parties earning potential, especially those relating to the marriage.  For example, if one spouse contributed to the marriage by staying home with the children and therefore has limited earning potential for this reason, this could be considered as a factor is determining spousal support.  The courts must determine whether the support is necessary for the petitioning spouse to support her or himself.

Matrimonial cases, already fraught with emotional issues, can become hotly contested when the issue of spousal support arises.  In these cases, it is crucial that you are represented by an attorney with a multitude of experience in this area.  

Howard B. Leff regularly represents clients in the challenging matters of child support and spousal support litigation. Due to his extensive experience in matrimonial matters and intimate familiarity with the Supreme Court and Family Court systems, he has consistently been able to secure favorable outcomes for his clients. He prides himself on ultimate accessibility and is always available to his clients in the event that they have any questions or concerns.  Call Nassau County, New York family law attorney Howard B. Leff today at (516)739-7500 for a consultation.

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