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In a divorce, child support is the financial assistance that parents are obligated to provide to their children until they reach a certain age. The law firm of Howard B. Leff, P.C. helps clients in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the five boroughs of Manhattan resolve child support issues and strives to ensure that the children's financial well-being is preserved.

Child support comes in a variety of forms, such as direct payments to one spouse or indirect payments for the children's expenses (medical, educational, extra-curricular and child care). Support payments are calculated using a formula that is essentially based on each spouse's  income. In order to evaluate the financial situation of the parents, each must submit a Statement of Net Worth to the court. It is essential to work with an experienced matrimonial law attorney like Howard B. Leff to ensure that this statement is accurate.

Either the Family Court or the Supreme Court, depending on which venue the matter is brought in, determines the amount of child support required. In addition to each parent's income, other factors may, and often do include:

  • The child’s standard of living while the parents were together
  • Whether one parent is paying spousal support to the other, or child support on behalf of other children not members of the same family
  • The health, medical, and educational expenses of the child
  • Imputed income - the court determines the parent’s earning potential
  • rather than actual income
  • Exceptional circumstances for the child such as special education,
  • ·or unique non-education needs (such as the child being gifted in music or art)

Modifying a Child Support Order

If you have a child support order in place, there may be a time where you may need to modify the monthly payment. Under the Child Support Standards Act in New York, the court may automatically modify a support order once every three years. In addition, child support can be modified each year if there has been a 15 percent change in the payor's income (positively or negatively). If you need a modification of your child support order, Mr. Leff can help you prepare the necessary financial documentation and present your case to the court.

The law firm of Howard B. Leff, P.C. works with both parents seeking child support and those required to pay it in order to determine an amount that is fair and also reflects the best interest of the child. If you are having difficulty meeting your monthly support obligation as a result of a change in circumstances or believe your child's other parent is able to provide more support than the existing order requires, we can help you arrive at an appropriate modification. If you have questions about child support in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and the five boroughs of Manhattan, call our office today for a free evaluation of your case at (516) 739-7500.

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