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For over 35 years, Howard B. Leff has aggressively advocated for his clients in the arena of family offense litigation.  Family offenses are crimes or acts of domestic violence by one family member against another.  Family members include blood relatives, spouses, former spouses and those that have a child in common.  There are various types of family offenses set forth in the New York State Family Court Act, including stalking, harassment, reckless endangerment and assault.  In a case where one of these acts was committed against a person, they may be entitled to a temporary or permanent Order of Protection. When clients are in need of representation in these crisis situations, Nassau County, New York attorney Howard B.  Leff offers them peace of mind in knowing that their case will be handled quickly and passionately.  

Howard B. Leff will meet with the client and assist in determining if it is the best course of action to begin a proceeding.  If a client decides to bring a proceeding for a family offense, Howard will support them every step of the way.  In order to initiate a proceeding, a petition must be filed with the Family Court.  The petition will include information about the incident, as well as personal information.  Howard uses his years of experience to artfully draft these documents in order to obtain a favorable result for his clients.  After the petition is filed, the petitioner’s case is usually heard by the court on the same day, as these matters are considered to be of the highest priority.  A judge will determine whether there is good cause to grant a Temporary Order of Protection.  If there is, it will be granted and might include that the offender must stay away from the petitioner (commonly referred to as a “Stay Away Order”), leave the home and/or surrender his or her firearms.  A Temporary Order of Protection will usually last until the next court appearance, called the return date, and will likely be extended if multiple court appearances are necessary.

At the next court appearance, the parties will meet with the judge or court clerk to determine if they can come to a settlement.  If the parties cannot settle after a number of appearances, the case will go to trial.  At trial, Howard will zealously represent his client by presenting physical and documentary evidence, as well as allowing the client to tell his or her story and cross examine any of the other party’s witnesses.  The court will then decide whether a family offense was committed and whether a Permanent Order of Protection should be granted.  If the court finds that there is enough evidence to support such an order, it will grant one that might include instructions for the offender to pay medical bills, pay for property damage or enter a rehab or counseling program.  Permanent Orders of Protection can last for a number of years and can be extended thereafter.  

Howard B. Leff provides his clients with top-notch representation in critical family offense matters.  He understands that the safety of his clients may depend on the outcome of this litigation and he takes this responsibility very seriously. Throughout the proceeding, he is compassionate and constantly available to his clients.  If you have been the victim of a family offense or have been accused of one, call Nassau County family law attorney Howard B. Leff at (516)739-7500 for a consultation today. 

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